It comes quick on the edge of promise or ruin

The Release Date is Approaching!

I am becoming more and more anxious about how people will rate our novel as release date approaches.

Needless to say some people will hate it. There are few works out there were it is widely accepted as great. At this moment I am hoping for more positive feed back than negative.

It also worries me about the sequel. I am sadden by the state which it sits at the moment. The rough skeleton of a novel which is far from completion.

If D and R were in the room this moment I would be told I am being overly emotional and to suck it up. Both men would not be incorrect.


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T.A. Venedicktov is in reality two people. A, Ariana Juno, is a full-time working single mother with a love of chai tea lattes and tumblr. When Ariana is not working or raising two amazing children she is plotting with her co-author. Ariana has been in the medical field for fifteen years and has a love of travel. She lives in the Midwest and has an ice cream habit which calls for an intervention. Ariana daydreams most of the plots of the T.A. novels—daily, hourly, nonstop, which drives TC nuts at times. Even though Ariana's constant stream of ideas for even more new characters and books may drive TC crazy, TC knows that without Ariana they wouldn't be where they are today. T, TC Nocte, is a full-time mom with a vast background in theatre. (No, not as an actor. She wanted to actually make money so became a theatrical carpenter.) TC has traveled all over the US as well as outside to multiple countries when she was still touring and strives to visit many more in her future. The main headliner in regards to editing and keeping their writing in order as well as trying to untangle all of Ariana’s random ideas. TC lives in Florida with her consort and his three human children that she has claimd as well as three cat babies. She’s been battling Primary Sjogren’s Disease ( while drinking coffee and kicking ass. The duo has been writing unprofessionally for over a decade together and hope to share their twisted, but lovable, characters with the world.

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